There and back again….

I’ve been away for a short break, having been visiting the hauntingly beautiful town of Whitby.  I can see why people rave about it, but my heart was stirred even more by some of the little fishing villages along that part of the British coast.  I’m finding it hard to settle back in at ‘home’, (well, where I live), but in a good kind of a way.  I’m looking at things in a slightly different way and, as a writer, anything that makes you do that is welcome – if unsettling…

In Whitby, I was show the hotel where Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, and now I’m home with a few more ideas for my new horror novella series – but not a single vampire will appear!

Just as I start thinking about horror themes, along comes something sweet to divert me.  
Next Saturday, the 29th of November, Llangollen is holding a Christmas Parade through its streets and I’ve been asked to decorate a faery themed float for the event. 
I have a backdrop to paint, but I won’t be able to assemble everything on the trailer until the morning of the parade…  Fingers crossed, hopefully I’ll have some pictures for the next post.