The Mysterious Case of The Black Ring

Leamingston Spa features in Book 2 of The Enigma Wars, the sequel to The Last Changeling – so I was intrigued when I saw this strange feature in the Leamington skies: 

I looked for more reports: it seems ‘The Black Ring of Leamington’ – as it’s now being called – happened near Warwick Castle… which just so happens to feature in Chapter 2 of The Last Changeling:

‘It may have stood for centuries, repelling many invaders and even making kings of men, but Mr. Butterworth wasn’t sure if Warwick Castle was ready for its latest onslaught.  As his party headed for the dungeons and torture chambers, he tried to keep any happy thoughts of vengeance well hidden from his face.
The afternoon passed remarkably without incident. Picnics had been eaten on Ethelfleda’s mound, the unbelievably high and winding stairway of Guy’s tower had been climbed and the state rooms viewed.  Year Seven had loved the armour, the swords, the birds of prey, the cakes, the ice creams and the horrific instruments of torture.  So far no one had been sick or fainted, or even dropped a water bomb from the ramparts onto the unsuspecting head of an elderly tourist.
All Butterworth had to do was get the little stinkers back to school and he was home and dry for another term.  He lined them up again by the coach and repeated the head count.  No, wrong number.  He tried again.
Fidgeting children stopped playing with their souvenir trinkets and lined up sulkily.  Butterworth counted again – fast.  Heart sink.  There was still one missing.’
                                                                          THE LAST CHANGELING   

Interesting… the ring is being described as a swarm of insects…  VERY interesting if you’ve read The Last Changeling…
‘A decade or so after Myxomatosis had been introduced into the barrows, as if in answer, Varroa Destructor had first appeared on honey bees.  Not properly identified until years later, the deadly parasitic mite had continued spreading through the bee colonies of the world.                                       
Some years ago, at a covert meeting of representatives from the nine governments signatory to the secret Reykjavik Accord, Shiraishi had posited that the timing indicated that Varroa was a counter weapon that had been deliberately deployed by the metahominids.
The creatures lived close to nature and, to a degree, appeared quite capable of manipulating other species to their own advantage.   Many of the signatories listening that day considered Shiraishi’s theory on Varroa to have some foundation. Without any bees to pollinate them, crops would fail causing worldwide starvation.  Then the vast edifice of human civilisation would be all but wiped from the face of the earth, in a little less than four years.  Only the insects would remain.  Making up an astonishing twenty percent of the planet’s biomass, following any catastrophe that might befall planet Earth, the last creatures standing, or crawling would be certain varieties of insect.  After the second world war, at Auschwitz where even the grass refused to grow, where no birds were seen to fly overhead for many years, only the cockroaches flourished..  Shiraishi had answered his critics, including D, agreeing it was a very high risk strategy for the metahominids.  Then he had pointed out that the metas were just insectlike enough to probably survive.  They would be free to re-colonise a world cleansed of humankind.’                                                                             THE LAST CHANGELING

Then, rather clumsily, a second explanation of this eerie event appeared and it is now being ascribed as ‘experimental fireworks.’

The eventual answer came in the middle of Tuesday afternoon when a statement from Warwick Castle confirmed that they had been testing fireworks.

A Warwick Castle spokesman said they had been trying out “fire effects” to go with the daily firing of the Trebuchet Fireball – a giant catapult.
Even this echoes The Last Changeling…
‘The conspiracy theorists had so much grist for their rumour mills that their multiple contradictions quickly ground any grains of pure truth down into useless dust.’
                                                                      THE LAST CHANGELING
It’S ALL very PECULIAR, and VERY D9!!!