No Such Thing As Coincidence…

A couple of days ago, Mo a friend and fan of The Last Changeling asked me if I’d been in Leominster recently.
I hadn’t, but she had seen my double and more magical yet, this doppelganger was talking to a group of people about a book launch!
On Friday I was visiting a friend who appears under the guise of archaeologist Claire Melin in The Last Changeling.  I’m writing book two, and the Titanic appears as part of a subplot.
I told Claire I wasn’t sure about this section.
I wondered if I should take Titanic out?
On Saturday this old bottle opener came into my life.  Made in Chicago, it’s quite rare as they were never on sale to the general public, such bottle openers were given to staff only.
Here it is:

I found the inscription inspiring – Cunard & White Star.  I’m sure anyone reading this already understands the significance, but in case you don’t, Titanic was  a ship of the White Star line.
I’ve taken it as a sign.
The Titanic stays in!